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For everyone who loves language

Be a part of it, at the Polyglot Conference, Cholula, Mexico!

October 22-24 2021

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The Polyglot Conference 2021 in Cholula will bring together language lovers from around the world. Meet other language enthusiasts with us and make new friends for life!

The main conference takes place over two days of language talks. The talks will celebrate our themes for the year mostly and will be delivered in a variety of languages. There will be other topics to cover some wider points of interest too! We will also bring language courses and workshops to help you learn languages you are interested in and share methods on how to use your time effectively to learn languages well. Learn hints, tips and tricks from some of the most accomplished language learners out there.

If you want to get a taste of what the Conferences are like, check out some of the videos by Dr Gareth Popkins, such as this one from Fukuoka last year:

At the Polyglot Conference you can break bread with new friends and old in any language of your choice. Meet professionals and entrepreneurs and get the support you need to advance your own language learning. You can enjoy the company of others who share your linguistic interests. Social acitivies, lead by our partners at LangFest will help create a positive atmosphere for you to engage with other people who share your passion for language.

We are proud to be teaming up with Tetsu and the LangFest team to bring LangFest to Mexico with us. They will be in Cholula for the week before the conference proper, organising events and social activities ahead of the Polyglot Conference itself.

This year we are working with Zaloa Languages to bring you courses in Nahuatl and Spanish for the week before the Polyglot Conference weekend! These will be intensive courses and we will offer different levels, depending on your ability.

From Budapest to Fukuoka, attendees have described their Polyglot Conference experience as deeply inspiring, moving and even life-changing.

Be part of it too! Come and find out for yourself this year in Cholula, Mexico!

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