Announcing Polyglot Conference Global!

Call for Papers

The call for papers for the Polyglot Conference on 22-24 October 2021 is now open!

If you'd like to speak at this years event, please complete the form below!

Remember to consider all the following in your submission:

We're seeking presentations on all subjects relating to language and at a range of levels, from the latest academic research to practical, hands-on sessions. The language learning community comprises a broad spectrum of people, and we want a range of subjects from the very broad to the very specific.

At this year’s conference, we will have three separate tracks for papers and presentations:

  1. Languages, Dialects and Cultures of Mexico
  2. The Language Warrior
  3. Other Language-related Topics

Which Language for my presentation?

You tell us! Please note that while the majority of talks are proposed in English, this is the Polyglot Conference and we actively encourage presentations in other languages. If you can deliver your talk in more than one language, please let us know.


In addition to the standard lecture format, we are also looking for practical workshops on anything language-related. Can you teach us a language, a script, an art form, or perhaps a traditional song or dance? We've had workshops on various languages, as well as braille, sign language and traditional songs and dance. What would you like to share with the polyglot community?

Please fill in the form to submit your proposal to speak in Cholula before 1st April 2021:

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